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What is Professional Life Coaching?
  • Coaching is future-focused, action and results oriented. Clients come to coaches because there is a gap between where they are and where they want to be. With the support of a coach, clients can achieve their goals faster than they can do on their own. The coach acts as a catalyst for change. Breakthrough results do not come from simply trying harder or being in the right place at the right time. A client experiences personal and professional excellence with commitment and by being in action with a professional coach.
  • Clients hire coaches for many different reasons. A client may want to advance her career so the focus may be on developing or improving performance, behaviors and skills so she can become more effective. Perhaps, the client wants better work-life balance, is look ing for purpose and meaning in her life or needs to work on a relationship issue. A coach works with clients to become their personal and professional best.
How is Life Coaching different from therapy or counselling?
  • Life Coaching starts with the present and works toward the client’s desired future. The coach and client may take a brief look at the past, but they do not spend much time there.
  • Therapists focus primarily on the past with their clients. They work to heal the past that is likely having an adverse effect on the present.
Why select Robbie as your life coach?
  • Robbie has been very fortunate to enjoy career success and is passionate about helping her clients do the same. She has a wealth of experience in leadership having been in leadership roles for over 25 years, 5 at the executive level. She has walked in your shoes, knows your challenges and can support you to become your professional best.
  • Robbie knows the challenges of work/life balance having raised a family while working full-time and going to school full-time. She can support you with your career aspirations and help you identify, prioritize and balance all the other important areas of your life.
  • Robbie understands the importance of giving and has assumed many volunteer positions in areas such as Girl Scouts, church, school, running a junior golf league and other community activities. Creating a life that brings meaning and fulfillment is something Robbie can help you achieve.
  • Robbie is high energy, enthusiastic, inspirational and compassionate and brings all these qualities to the coaching relationship. She is passionate about living life to the fullest and wants her clients to do the same. Robbie is committed to helping all her clients find success, joy and fulfillment in their lives.

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