Robbie Carlson

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Helping women leaders create successful careers and extraordinary lives.

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Most women in leadership positions experience burnout, frustration, and overwhelm as changes quickly occur in their organization.

Get the key to unlock your full potential. 

Sacrificing your well-being, time with your family, and your happiness?

Feeling less fulfilled in the career you've worked so hard to obtain?

Finding yourself having less balance between your life and career?

Exhausted trying to figure it all out on your own?

Is Life Coaching Right For Me?

Coaching begins with the present and focuses on moving you forward. I support you to clarify your purpose and future goals. I personally work with you to discover the possibilities, to address any obstacles and overcome barriers to achieving success.

Coaching is future-focused, action and results oriented.
What is Professional Life Coaching?
  • Coaching is future-focused, action and results oriented. Clients come to coaches because there is a gap between where they are and where they want to be. With the support of a coach, clients can achieve their goals faster than they can do on their own. The coach acts as a catalyst for change. Breakthrough results do not come from simply trying harder or being in the right place at the right time. A client experiences personal and professional excellence with commitment and by being in action with a professional coach.
  • Clients hire coaches for many different reasons. A client may want to advance her career so the focus may be on developing or improving performance, behaviors and skills so she can become more effective. Perhaps, the client wants better work-life balance, is looking for purpose and meaning in her life or needs to work on a relationship issue. A coach works with clients to become their personal and professional best.
How is Life Coaching different from therapy or counselling?
  • Life Coaching starts with the present and works toward the client’s desired future. The coach and client may take a brief look at the past, but they do not spend much time there.
  • Therapists focus primarily on the past with their clients. They work to heal the past that is likely having an adverse effect on the present.
Why select Robbie as your life coach?
  • Robbie has been very fortunate to enjoy career success and is passionate about helping her clients do the same. She has a wealth of experience in leadership having been in leadership roles for over 25 years, 5 at the executive level. She has walked in your shoes, knows your challenges and can support you to become your professional best.
  • Robbie knows the challenges of work/life balance having raised a family while working full-time and going to school full-time. She can support you with your career aspirations and help you identify, prioritize and balance all the other important areas of your life.
  • Robbie understands the importance of giving and has assumed many volunteer positions in areas such as Girl Scouts, church, school, running a junior golf league and other community activities. Creating a life that brings meaning and fulfillment is something Robbie can help you achieve.
  • Robbie is high energy, enthusiastic, inspirational and compassionate and brings all these qualities to the coaching relationship. She is passionate about living life to the fullest and wants her clients to do the same. Robbie is committed to helping all her clients find success, joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Hi, I'm Robbie!

Having been in an executive level position for five years with multiple management level roles for 15 years, I have a wealth of knowledge and in-depth leadership experience.

Many leaders have worked hard to climb the corporate ladder, are exhausted, burned out, unfulfilled, and realize they’ve spent precious years of their life climbing the wrong ladder. I coach women to find their mission and purpose in life, to set and achieve desired career and personal goals and to lead extraordinary lives.


“Robbie has always made it a priority to help with my leadership growth. It was invaluable having Robbie ask powerful questions, make suggestions and offer ideas that expanded my view of what I was capable of. I’ve not only embraced what I heard, but have found myself using what I learned in the coaching I do with my direct reports.”
Ken Taylor

Regional Director of Operations

I have known Robbie for the last 6 years in my role as Regional Medical Director. When I first interviewed her, I was impressed with her focus, motivation, and her energy. Over the next few years, we worked on many projects together. I came to realize Robbie’s strengths in our medical group. I found Robbie to be detail oriented and able to strategize about the big picture and then to follow through to fruition. One of the projects that Robbie and I worked on for an extended period was physician professional review. This was a huge undertaking and a company-wide project. It involved many leaders at multiple levels. Robbie was one of the driving forces in accomplishing this monumental task. She had to use all of her many talents to see this through. In summary, Robbie is a people person who is respected by all those who have worked with her.
Dr. Ed Kowaleski

Physician, Banner Medical Group, AZ West

Robbie Carlson was my mentor when I attended Aurora’s Leadership Academy in 2004. She also helped me with professional development as my coach after the Leadership Academy completion. She saw leadership potential in me that I didn’t immediately see. By working through constant reflections and self-challenges, Robbie helped me realize my unique qualities and helped me stretch my capabilities. I worked with Robbie on professional development and always looked forward to our motivating meetings as I developed a growth mindset. Two areas of development I carry with me today from Robbie’s guidance are owning and learning from mistakes and then letting them go, as well as to lead with integrity as you will always feel confident in knowing you did the right thing.
Jeanne Clark

Manager of Volunteer Services, Aurora Sinai and St. Luke’s South Shore Medical Centers

Passion. Competency. Those are the first two words that come to mind when I think of Robbie, but there is so much more. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Robbie for 20 years in two large, integrated health systems. She is a rock solid operator with impeccable integrity. Most impressive is her ability to develop deep and trusting relationships with physicians and staff. She has repeatedly demonstrated her unique ability to engage and mobilize her teams, chart a course for success, and drive results with an unwavering resolve. Robbie’s vast experience and ability to quickly draw on best practices from multiple strategies to target specific needs is efficient and highly effective. I have found Robbie to be thorough, timely, and meticulous in her work. Not only that, she is a fun lady to work with. I have been richly blessed to be partnered with a professional of Robbie’s caliber.
Jim Brannon

Chief Executive Officer, Banner Medical Group - Medical Group/Hospital Integration; Physician Relations

Having worked with Robbie for several years at Banner Health, she was an incredible source of support to me professionally. Always willing to listen to any concerns that I had, she would go above and beyond to do whatever was within her power to resolve those concerns. She has an immediately-likable personality and warmth that conveys a deep sense of caring. She was on the original panel of 3 executives who interviewed me for my position within Banner Health. Despite the fact that I’m sure she had done hundreds of similar interviews, she still made me valued and important as a potential member of the Banner family, even before I had been hired. In any field, whether as a corporate executive or as a life/career coach, Robbie would be an incredible asset for all those lives she touches.
Dr. Mark Pyle

Pediatrician, Banner Health Center Verrado (Buckeye, AZ)

“I met Robbie during our time working together at Aurora Health Care. Knowing she was a person of tremendous strength and integrity, I was confident she was the right person to trust as a coach. She both supported and challenged me during our sessions. The tools and exercises she utilized are both pertinent and easy to apply in my daily life. I appreciate that she checks in on me on a regular basis which demonstrates the value she places on the relationship long after the official work ends. I am richly blessed to have Robbie in my life as a colleague, coach and friend.”
Carol Koller

Vice President, Medical Group Enterprise, Bismarck, North Dakota

“Working with Robbie for over 9 years was the most positive experience I have had in my career.   She is a teacher, coach and mentor; providing constructive feedback allowed me to learn and grow in my leadership ability.  She is genuine in her efforts to help people be the best they can be.”
Christy Miller

Operations Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Robbie Carlson in her role as Vice President of Operations as her dyad partner while I was in the role of both Chief Medical Officer and Physician Executive for Banner Medical Group.  Robbie is an amazing role model, building trust with a team-based approach, gleaning collective wisdom and moving projects forward.   She has a knack for breaking down the complex, using a systematic approach. She realizes that the power is in the people, meets them where they are in their journey, and brings out their best!”
Dr. Betty Davis

“It’s all good,” “Good things happen to good people,” “Hold yourself accountable and do the right thing” are just a few of many professional and life lessons I have learned from Robbie Carlson. Robbie was my first manager and mentor and is a person of great integrity that I hold in highest regard. Robbie’s positive nature, hard work ethic and ability to motivate those around her inspired me to be the person and leader I am today. Robbie takes time to listen, understand, provide insight and ask questions that will help new and experienced leaders realize their greatest potential. She is passionate about helping people find success professionally and/or personally.
Kristin Houte

Practice Integration Manager, Aurora Health Care

I have had the distinct pleasure of working and knowing Robbie Carlson for over five years. She is a great leader, coach and friend. She is a leader who truly cares about the people she interfaces with be that her clients, direct reports, colleagues, and customers. She is a professional who always has a positive attitude and “can do” spirit. I have seen her coach her direct reports and her colleagues and always has their best interest in mind. She is both well spoken and has strong written and organizational skills. Personally Robbie has provided valuable coaching, feedback and support. I am very grateful to have had her as a colleague and friend.
Therese Valadez

Director Human Resources, Dignity Health

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

You work extremely long hours in your position to ensure the team feels supported and the important things get accomplished.

You’ve sacrificed your well-being, time with your family, and your happiness.

Everything feels off balance and you know you’re meant for more.

I’ve been where you are and I can help you get out of overwhelm and back to loving your life again!

With years of experience in leadership and coaching, I’ve helped my clients discover the beauty in work-life balance, more success in their careers, and more fulfillment in everything they do. I can’t wait to be your personal guide as well.